Friday, November 27, 2015

Day Three - ADVENTure of Christmas

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In an effort to streamline your ADVENTure activities, I have created some printables for you to use.  All you need to do is simply print, cut and use them how you wish on your ADVENTure!  

The first thing you need are some countdown numbers to attach to whatever you are using to count down your days!  I'm having technical difficulties on my laptop getting the new to save as a .jpg file so you can see the font, but the style and layout is the same as below.

 photo MamaDriggsAdventNumberPrintable-1.jpg

Printable Advent Numbers can be downloaded here.

The next thing you'll need to do is figure out what you want to attach them to.  What I like to do is to purchase the SMALLEST plain kraft colored gift bags I can find at my local craft store.  They're usually 3/$1 at Hobby Lobby.  I simply glue the number to the front, insert the activity cards inside and enclose a sweet treat for the day.  Sometimes I buy a big box of mini candy canes and put one in there for each kiddo.  I have all of our bags placed beside our second Christmas tree. 

Pin von Lucy Foerster auf „Ideas for when I have "time" - lol“ | Pint… ☺ ✿So, ideas for the advent presentation...I've seen some really cute ones, some elaborate ones and some that are just completely over the top.  Mine is so simple, doable in just a matter of minutes and voila. Complete.  Others are awesome but somewhat time/labor intensive.  However, if you're up for a crafty challenge, check out some of these:

I have no idea who to give credit for this (left) but I love the random, earthy feel of it.  Red, white and kraft colored display.  It's tied on a branch that looks like it's hung with baker's twine to two nails.  S-I-M-P-L-E and beautiful!  You can't beat that!

Parent's Magazine (below) posted this one that's a fun, easy andcolorful way to celebrate.  Cardboard, toilet paper tubes that have been halved, tissue paper and glue.  You supply the inserts, obviously, and probably some stickers for the numbers.  again, another one that is easy and fun!  Don't overthink these!

Advent calendar
A Bubbly Life featured this advent calendar. I love how fun and whimiscal it is with the red pompom noses attached to the plastic animals that have all been painted white.  She gives step-by-step instructions on how to make this one.  Plain kraft boxes with stenciled numbers -- easy, yet impressive presentation.  Beautiful job. 

Another colorful way to use up some random colored envelopes means you're not only repurposing but also able to recycle when it's all over!  Stickers, envelopes, advent activity cards and a little painter's tape make this a quick and easy decoration for the wall -- always great when you're short on display space!  Find instructionshere.  (Featured above).

For those awesome people out there that can sew (I sadly am not one of them), Smile and Wave created this adorable felt advent calendar (featured right).  Instructions can be found here.

IMG_1089I have to admit I get a little jealous seeing things like this... that green-eyed mom-envy monster rears its ugly head because it's SO DAD-GUM cute!  Trillium Design created a tutorial for this bad boy.  
december 009

This one is absolutely adorable, doable and again, you're able to repurpose everyday items for an awesome experience.  Mindy Pitcher is the artist of this beautiful creation.  You can find it here. It looks like full sized toilet paper rolls that have been rolled in tissue paper and have the edges sealed after they were filled and then have a printed paper wrapped around and secured with a number attached.  This, too, doesn't take up a great deal of space.  Yay for that!

Christmas Advent Kit - - Created by Jill Olsen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
On the left is one of those advent calendars that would cause me to take major pause at the even remote idea that I could actually accomplish something so completely adorable.  Boxes, tags, stamps, texture and surprises!  It's a recipe for a winner!  Come check out Stampin  To the right is another Pinworthy creation made by Honey We're Home (HWH) and you can find instructions here.  Truly adorable. 

Advent Collage 2 500x500 Advent Boxes
I like the idea, too, of just a simple box to open as well.  I Can Teach My Childhas this awesome advent creative box delivery method.  It does help keep everything universal which allows you to realize your limitations for size and such.

So as you can see, the delivery can be as simple as colored envelops or as elaborate as you want to make it!  We did envelopes the first year and graduated to the little gift bags.  They're just fast, I can reuse them and they're functional.  I see no reason to fix what isn't broken.  

So now that you have your calendar printed, dates blocked off for engagement you've already made, as well as class and work parties; you've created a list of books and movies that you want to incorporate into each day as well.  Now it's time to start narrowing down your choices by day so that you can have full action activity cards.  

You need some of those, too?  Well, the list that I created in this post, I made some printable activity cards for.  So you need only print, cut and add them to whatever you are doing for your advent container.

 photo MamaDriggs-Activities-Title.jpg

You can get the full list here.  Print, cut, enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day Two - ADVENTure of Christmas (Part 2)

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Prepping for the ADVENTure of Christmas today features two parts -- part one was books and let us not forget the other media source that is definitely considered entertainment for the whole family -- MOVIES!!!!

I have an extensive Christmas movie collection because... well, I love Christmas movies! However, if you don't, have no fear!  Set your DVR to record any of your "must see" movies and you're ready to go!  Have NetFlix or Amazon Prime?  Many are available for instant streaming!  Don't have a DVR?  No problem!  Borrow the movies from the library, your friends, family or, hey -- go start your own collection RIGHT NOW!  And, if all else fails, visit this site and check out their schedule - ABC's Family 25 Days of Christmas -they showcase the classics every year!  In searching for their timeline, I did find this who provides a list of Christmas movies from a-z and it's SCARY long!  Some shows just shouldn't be made into Christmas movies -- Kung Fu Panda's Holiday Special?  Yeah, I'll pass!  

 photo Movies1.gif

So, what movies do we watch?  When should we schedule them?  That's entirely up to you.  I have a tradition in my home, however, that we watch certain shows on certain days. But, like I've said, I'm ridiculously anal like that.  For instance, Christmas Eve -- every year -- we watch The Polar Express and we READ Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The shorter movies I try to schedule for the weekdays and the longer movies for Friday, Saturday or Sundays when we have more time.  

Here are the movies to add to your rotation and/or collection!  Our Christmas movies that have made the cut:

It's A Wonderful Life - This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time.  James Stewart and Donna Reed -- it doesn't get much better than that.  This movie is timeless, perfect and teaches so many life lessons.  And yes, I cry, every.single.time! It isn't officially Christmas season in my house until this one has played.  It has to be in black and white, too.  No remakes.  No colorized version.  The original is the only way to go!  James Stewart is just endearing as is his doting wife and children.  It's a story of family and forgiveness ad love and bring the Christmas spirit alive.  If this doesn't warm your heart, you may have no pulse.

Home Alone - You will have Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree stuck in your head for days after watching this! Everyone (including me) loves Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci in this movie.  My whole family still laugh at the antics of KEVIN (you have to say that as the mom when she realizes he's missing) as he defends his home when he is left... "Home Alone" -- see what I did there? Clever, no?  John Candy always cracks me up singing polka music and Kevin's mom just cracks me up as she proclaims she will sell her soul to the devil himself just to get back home to her son.  The lengths she goes through to get home is something any mother can relate to!  A definite on our play list.
 photo NLCV.gif
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - I can't say enough about this movie other than... if you haven't seen it, I'm not sure we can be friends.  This personifies the angst of every Christmas!  The lights, the meal fails, the obligatory get together, the crazy relatives and... lest we forget -- Cousin Eddie!  I'm not always one for stupid humor (though, knowing I'm a fan of Dumb and Dumber might make you think otherwise), but this movie is just... epic!  If you tell me you haven't seen it, I'm going to ask you "You serious, Clark?"  

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Another timeless Christmas movie that brings the words of Dr. Seuss' book to life.  James Earl Jones' deep baritone provides the perfect narration of this seasonal favorite.  Everyone in our home just adores it.  "San-tee Clause, Why?  Why are you taking our Christmas tree, why?"  The lines will be forever tattooed to your soul... especially "Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more."  One of my favorite sayings.  

Elf - I have to preface this selection by stating that I am not a fan of Will Ferrell movies.  Like most other SNL cast members make it big -- for me, the schtick gets old.  Quick.  REEEEEALLY quick!  However, Elf.IS.EPIC!  I laugh my butt off EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!  I quote this movie over and over again!!  If you haven't seen it -- you just gotta OR again... I'm not sure we can be friends.  Elf.  Do it!  Now! (No excuse to miss, it's on ABC's list multiple times!)

A Christmas Story - Bunny suits, leg lamps, Red Ryder bb guns, bullies, over-zealous layering-for-the-snow mom, what's not to enjoy?  ALWAYS at the top of my list.  Ralphie just warms your heart with his plot to secure a bb gun for Christmas.  Not just any, bb gun, mind you.  He wants a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200 shot Range Model air rifle which everyone knows "you'll shoot your eye out" with.  If you haven't seen this one, I will pray for you because you've obviously had a really shitty life.  

 photo JATW.gif
Jingle All The Way - The typical workaholic procrastinating dad waiting until the last minute for the hottest toy in town means that all moms can totally relate to, and thus, get a real kick out of this. The multiple shenanigans that Arnold Swarzenegger (the dad) and Sinbad (a pissed off postal worker) get into on their no-holds-barred quest to secure the last of the hottest toy in town are hilarious.  I also enjoyed Phil Hartman's performance as the smarmy neighbor. 

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and Mickey's 
Twice Upon a Christmas - I love both of these movies because... well... I'm a Disney fanatic.  Both DVDs feature several small movies each. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas has three small stories.  The first one has Mickey and Minnie reminiscing how each gave up what they treasured most for the sake of the other's happiness.  Selflessness in a way children can understand.  Then a story of Goofy and his son Max and how faith in something (even Santa) is important.  The last story is like a Groundhog Day of the worst Christmas for Donald until his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie learn what the spirit of Christmas is really all about.  The second disk is equally awesome, has great animation and face it, if you're a Disney fan, you can't help but like it!  

 photo MO34S.gif
Miracle on 34th Street - While the DVD image may be colorized, please note that I'm a true lover of black and white classics, so make no mistake that my movie is not the colorized version!  I love this tale of how an old man going by the name of Kris Kringle fills in the Macy's day parade because their Santa showed up drunk!  Kris gets hired as he is (obviously) perfect for the job.  Unfortunately, his sanity is called into play because (GASP!) he believes he IS "THE" Santa Claus and law suits ensue.  In the end he makes a believer out of everyone.  Treasure for your collection for sure!

Frosty the Snowman - We sing the songs and love the tale!  We read the books and exclaim "Happy Birthday!"  Frosty is a super cartoon classic of how a magician's hat brings a snowman to life and melts the hearts of everyone around.  It's Frosty!  How can he NOT be on your Christmas movie list?  Our DVD has the sequel as well.  It usually gets played immediately after.  

The Santa Clause Trilogy  - The moment I saw the first Santa Clause I was sold.  I'm a huge fan of Tim Allen.  The movie is about the clause you assume once you don the red suit.  The "clause" is that you BECOME "the" Claus.  It's also a great story of how the magic of the North Pole brings a father and son back together.  The second and third are sequels... they're obviously not as good as the first, but they each have a fun spin... and I do love Martin Short as Jack Frost.  

Disney's Oz, The Great and Poweful
Santa Buddies - This really isn't my favorite movie, however, my boys have always loved it so we keep it in rotation.  Talking dogs -- what's not to like, right?  I have another dog movie in rotation that I enjoy so this one is generally one that the boys watch without me while I'm doing something equally as important as listening to talking dogs.

 photo JCG.gif
The Grinch - Yes, I realize that we already have Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas in our list but Jim Carrey brings this character to life!  He is absolutely amazing.  I love and completely relate to Cindy Lou Who.  She doesn't buy into the whole idea of doing just as everyone says just because that's what they all do. She befriends The Grinch and... well, if you haven't see it, you just have to.  Christine Baranski is awesome as Martha May Whovier!  Molly Shannon is always fun to watch, too!  But, again, the real winner in this movie is Jim Carrey.  He completely steals the show!

12 Dogs of Christmas - I added this movie to our list because while it seems just like your standard run-of-the-mill Christmas special, it touched a special place in my heart.  You see, I love animals.  More specifically, I love dogs.  This is the story of a girl who uses dogs (which are actually banned in this specific town), to teach people about love and acceptance using a Christmas pageant featuring... what else.. canines.  

 photo CBC.gifA Charlie Brown Christmas - If only we saw all of humanity as Charlie Brown saw his Christmas tree!  I have always loved this show and looked forward to watching it every year!  I would scope out the TV Guide and highlight the days when the Christmas shows came on so that we would NOT miss them! This was well before the days of DVRs and actually OWNING movies!  If you didn't catch it on tv, you didn't catch it at all!  Snoopy is awesome!  Lucy is obnoxious.  What's not to love?  This musically animated movie created for television in 1965 still (and always will) hold a place on our viewing list.  It touches on commercialism, secularism and then focuses on the real meaning of Christmas.  

The Year Without a Santa Claus - Another stop motion animation that I have loved since childhood.  My boys, obviously, don't "get it" but that doesn't mean it's not on our list!  Santa wakes up with a cold and decides to take the day off instead of delivering presents because he doesn't believe there really is much Christmas magic alive anymore.  In the end, he is proved wrong and Christmas comes to every town.  It makes me happy. I have to see it!  

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town:  Another stop motion animation classic from 1970 has been one of my favorites since childhood.  It's the story of how Santa originated as Kris Kringle fought to get toys in the hands of needy children at Christmastime.  And face it, who can not like a movie with a blue eyed mailman (Fred Astaire) singing Santa Claus is Coming To Town? His voice is truly swoon-worthy.  I never would have pegged Santa as a ginger, however, but ya know... whatever.

The Polar Express:  This has always been one of my most favorite books to share with my boys.  Having this movie brought to life -- I knew it was a not-to-be-missed feature on our list.  Tom Hanks is just AWESOME as the conductor.  The computer animation is out of this world beautiful and the story is... and yes, I realize I'm using the hell out of this word -- but it IS... TIMELESS!  This will be one that stays around for ever and ever and ever!

 photo PAL.gifPrep & Landing - This is a new addition to our list but we enjoyed this movie so much when it initially aired, it was immediately purchased and added to the rotation. This is the story of Wayne, a Christmas elf, who has the job to prep millions of homes around the world for Santa's visit.  Wayne wants a promotion.  His trainee got it.  He is bummed.  He is given an new trainee but since he is still really butt-hurt about getting passed over (again) for the promotion, doesn't take his job seriously, lets his trainee take the lead which ultimately gets them both BUSTED by a kid!  Couple this with a snowstorm and Santa is about to cancel delivery at this house.  Wayne has to fix everything and save the day.  

 photo MCC.gif
The Muppet's Christmas Carol - What's not to love about Kermit playing Bob Cratchit?  Charles Dickens holiday classic tale as it's never been told before.  I mean, Miss Piggy???  Gonzo?  Fozzie Bear!  Come on!  It's THE MUPPETS!  If you don't know the Charles Dickens tale, it's a must read.  Go buy it now.  The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future help Ebenezer Scrooge see the errors of his ways in true Muppet fashion.  

These are the favorites on MY list.  There are ALWAYS others you may want to add to yours.... such as...

Jack Frost.  I don't watch it because it's about the boy's dad being dead and that isn't happy.  Fred Claus... because it just wasn't happy enough to make my cut.  Jim Carrey in A Christmas Carol because frankly, there were some rather "dark" times and it kind of creeped my kids out when they were younger.  Since my boys' ages vary, I'm not adding it to the cut because I want to keep it kind of light.  And, Santa Paws.  I haven't ever seen it but... it looks like it would be cute.
 The Search For Santa Paws 

 photo WC.gif

Honorary mentions

White Christmas - This one isn't on the list of my advent, but it's a favorite of mine that I watch alone.  I am the only one in my home that is a sucker for the old classic movies (The Bishop's Wife, Holiday Inn, etc.)  The movie itself is from 1954 and takes place in a lodge in Vermont where it is almost always a white Christmas.  I luff it.  It's awesome. End of story!

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Personally, we watch this one all year round because it's just AWESOME!  All the songs get stuck in my head.  "What's this? What's this? There's color everywhere!  What's this?  What's this?  There's white things in the air"

Arthur Christmas


Arthur Christmas - I actually just learned about this movie yesterday so this is going to be my new one to watch this year!  Synopsis is that it reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child's question: 'So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?' The answer: Santa's exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the heart of the film is a story with the ingredients of a Christmas classic - a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

 photo BS.gif
Bad Santa - I'm just not a fan.  Sorry.  It's not for kids... bleh.  No thanks.

So, your job is to now go through and get your movies on your calendar!  Some are great for 30 minutes of dinner prep, others are great for family viewing.  Pick and choose what you want to watch when and get it on the calendar!  If you don't own them, find out when they're airing on the networks, schedule your DVR or find out if they have live streaming from Netflix or Amazon Prime!  Do it now!  

(Oh, and don't forget the popcorn!)

Getting in the spirit!  Yes, I am!

Day Two - ADVENTure of Christmas (Part I)

 photo Day-2.gif

Day two!  You still with me?  Today is the second installment on how to get your December off to a grand start of memories and fun!  Today we're talking about media. And, not just any media --Christmas media!  Books and movies!  Oh My!  

But before we jump right in, to review, in this post, you were told to:
  1. Get something to write on and to write with
  2. Grab your December calendar (one was provided for you!)
  3. Plug in the dates you already have plans for (school plays, sports, special gatherings)
  4. Jot down the events that happen in your area that you hold an interest in participating in (Santa visits, tree lightings, parades, etc.)
  5. Make your list of books and movies
  6. Brainstorm crafty ideas
  7. List any activities you want to do such as acts of service
Now that you have your foundation completed, you can tweak it to your liking!  

Setting things up with my method, each day you should PLAN to view a movie, complete an activity together, read a book, focus on a letter of the alphabet (for those with little ones like me), and address part of the 12 days of Christmas as it parallels to the Bible. The important thing here is to PLAN.  You can always deviate from the plan but at least HAVE a plan.  Say it with me now... fail to plan, plan to fail.

Today, we get to talk about books and movies!  

 photo Books.gif

One thing we love in this house is CHRISTMAS! I LOVE all things Christmas! Because of this, I'm a tad of a hoarder collector of Christmas books and movies.  I mean, I have a slew of them! (If you don't know what a "slew" is, it's more than a lot and less than anything that could potentially qualify me as a bonafide hoarder worthy of my own episode on Intervention.) If you don't own any Christmas books, have no fear -- the library is your friend!  And, so are your friends!  In a bind?  Do a weekly Christmas book swap with your best buds! What a great way to experience new books for no cost!

So, what books should we read?  When should we schedule them?  That's entirely up to you.  I have a tradition in my home, however, that we read certain books on certain days. Much like movies -- I'm ridiculously OCD in my planning like that.  For instance, Christmas Eve -- every single year we read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. I mean, you just have to! Do you have some favorite Christmas books?  If so, share them in the comments!  I'm always looking for new books to check out!

And here are the books that make the cut at our house:

The Christmas StorySlide 5Slide 8Santa CallsBear Stays Up for ChristmasHow Santa Got His JobShhh!B Is for Bethlehem (Picture Puffins)I Smell Christmas: Scratch-and-sniff Book (Little Critter Board Books)Slide 0

I will have to add that there are three books that every parent AND grandparent needs. Period.  I don't care what your children's ages are:

This book is such a treasured heirloom for me and my kids. This has seven of Jan Brett's works in it:  The Mitten, The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Trouble with Trolls, The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Hat, Christmas Trolls, The Night Before Christmas.  The words are timeless.... the illustrations are so detailed, intricate and amazing.  This one book will take up a week's time on your list alone...and it is worth the time!  What's even BETTER is that you can really bring her characters to life because she has printable activities on her website

The Crippled Lamb is a timeless story by Max Lucado that is read by someone in our family either ON Christmas or on Christmas eve at our family gathering.  It's the story about a little lamb who wants more than nothing to go with his friends to the pasture but being crippled, he can't keep up.  As such, he has to stay behind. But then, in the night, visitors come to the stable...and he discovers his purpose was one of great importance.  If you can make it through this one with a dry eye -- you've got me beat.  It's a definite for every family in my book!

The Night Before Christmas Board Book
And, although Jan Brett has The Night Before Christmas in her treasury collection... and it is awesome... I simply LOVE the illustrations in this version as well.  The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore.  While sometimes we read this book (The Night Before Christmas, generically) more than once, I save this one for the big night because the pictures are just THAT GOOD!

To me, one of the fun aspects of including the tradition of READING to your children is that every year you'll discover something new... or think of another way to bring these books and stories to life.  I think the magic of Christmas is completely kept alive in the words we read that fill our hearts.... and minds before bedtime.

If you're a Pinner, you'll find that some people have found a way to make reading a gift by wrapping each book individually.  They label them 1-24 so that each day they have a "present" to open through Christmas Even.  Because, let's face it -- kids love to open stuff! Treat them to a gift of books every single day!  How fun is that?  I, however, won't waste the paper or my time wrapping each book because I like to leave them laying around as part of my Christmas decor.

Getting in the spirit!  Yes, I am!